What is KENESIS?

Kenesis is the most used content management system (CMS), for the entire of Africa!

Kenesis is cloud based website development software that makes editing of text and images etc, on your website quick and easy, with little to no web development experience.

Fully Responsive

With Kenesis web development software your website will adapt to its environment.

Images, Text, Navigation bar and more, will all resize to suit the screen size it is being displayed on.

So whether you are on a computer, a tablet or a cell phone.
Your Kenesis website will always look in proportion and professional with the screen size.

Update Your Kenesis Website Using Your Smart Phone!
This can be done 1 of 2 ways:

1) Via opening your editing window on any browser. Or
2) By downloading the free mobile app Kenesis offers to all it users.

Some Top Features of Kenesis:

Kenesis Analytics: From your Kenesis website you can view how many people have been on your website, what pages they have view and much more.

Image Manager: Straight from the backend of your Kenesis Website you can save Images so you have access to them at any time.

Stock Image manager: Kenesis knows how difficult it can be to find the right image you need, thus we have created a vast folder of images just for Kenesis users.

Live Chat System: This allows potential clients visiting your Kenesis website to ask you questions if they are unsure about a product or service that you may offer.

Search Function: Gives potential clients visiting your Kenesis website the ability to search through your website, to easily find out if you offer what they are looking for.

Completely Responsive: Your website will respond to the device on which it is being shown, whether it be a desktop pc, a tablet or even a cell phone.

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